Steve Creel

Senior Vice President, BBVA


Steve manages the web ecosystem for BBVA in the United States and the flagship website BBVAUSA.COM. His focus is on building powerful, intuitive, and frictionless experiences for customers and prospects, utilizing the best of the web's tools, technologies, and platforms. His personal philosophy is based on the concept of kaizen or "continual improvement," and he applies those principles equally to both agile development and conversion-centered design.


Wed Oct 30 - 11:15am - 11:45am

Your Website As An Answers Engine

Search results are moving from links to structured answers, like featured snippets and answers to FAQs appearing directly in search results, or voice assistants that deliver a single answer. These search experiences are changing consumer expectations. Your website must match those expectations to acquire customers in the moment of intent and stay ahead of the competition. Hear how some companies keep high-intent consumers on their domain with intent pages and direct answers to their questions.

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