Stephan Bajaio

Chief Evangelist & Co Founder, Conductor


Stephan Bajaio is Conductor’s Chief Evangelist, leading a team focused on empowering great marketers around the world and growing Conductor’s community of customers and partners. He founded Conductor’s Professional Services team, growing it to 50+ global SEO experts providing research, strategy, and reporting for many Fortune 500 and IR 1000 companies in just 4 years. Stephan sits on the board of directors of SEMPO and is an active keynote speaker at conferences and events internationally.


Wed Oct 30 - 12:00pm - 12:30pm

Put the Shiny Object Down: The Future of Your Business Has Been in the Search Bar the Whole Time

We spend a lot of time talking about the next big thing in search: from voice search to zero-click results, the story of search is constantly changing. But the future of search is right now, and most businesses have gotten distracted by shiny objects, missing what is right under their noses: an intelligence engine that drives the insights into supply and demand that can redefine your business. You need to be armed and ready, because it’s time to unlock the power behind the search bar and become the agent of change in your organization.

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