Kathryn Parsons

Head of SEO, Philip Morris International


Kathryn Parsons is the Head of SEO for Philip Morris Products S.A., Operations Centre of Philip Morris International, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her global SEO team of 8 in-house experts works with digital marketing teams in 48 countries to commercialize smoke-free products worldwide. She started writing for the web in 1996 and transitioned to search engine optimization (SEO) in 2001. Previously at Office Depot, Kathryn moved to Philip Morris Products S.A. in September 2017. She has spoken at conferences such as Netcomm Suisse: Women in eCommerce, SMX London, and Pubcon Summit.


Wed Oct 30 - 11:15am - 11:45am

Freedom to Innovate in Highly Regulated Industries

Regulations and compliance help protect individuals and companies, but they can make it more challenging to be an organization looking to innovate. Hear from top brands about how they navigate regulations while still delivering cutting edge marketing.

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