Jason Carrigan

VP of Digital and Guest Experience, Checkers and Rally's


Jason is known as a key partner in bringing transformative brand strategies to life, integrating the needs of diverse stakeholders seamlessly into innovative digital consumer experiences. His work has been central to the transformation of well-known brands, where his ability to help seamlessly integrate work from partners in Marketing, Technology, Operations, and Field Teams, into rapidly evolving new platforms, that have helped to dramatically accelerate brand growth and performance.


Wed Oct 30 - 10:30am - 11:00am

Digital Now Owns the Restaurant Guest’s End to End Experience – Own the Search & Drive Conversion

Increasing guest count is always the overarching KPI for restaurant brands. Today, every part of that customer journey, especially when it begins in search, is influenced by digital teams. Ensure every digital dollar is driving revenue by owning that customer experience, even when it begins off of your own site and outside your app.

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