Gerald Buckley

Digital Marketing Executive, Gateway First Bank


Gerald is a digital native and fondly remembers the Mosaic web browser, Seth Godin’s Yoyodyne, WAIS gateways and does a mean 2400 baud modem imitation. He’s an unabashed analytics nerd and is fluent in NCSA verbose web logs and is known to tail -f with abandon. Until last year Gerald headed up marketing for The Pioneer Woman in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and now leads digital marketing for Gateway Mortgage Group and Gateway First Bank, their new flagship digital bank brand. Fun fact: Gerald was at TechCrunch 50 when Yext was pitching on stage.


Wed Oct 30 - 11:15am - 11:45am

Client Acquisition in Financial Services: How to Deliver Best-in-Class Experiences to Digital-First Customers

In today’s world of search, customer experience is the new differentiator — it’s your product, it's how you win in the mass affluent market, and scale your business. Hear from leading financial institutions as they share tips and tricks for getting your brand in front of high intent searching consumers.

Juilliard Complex
Financial Services Industry Insights
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