Emma Weisberg

Global Head of Waze Ads Marketing, Waze


Emma is a seasoned executive who spent 8 years at Google in Global Sales Strategy as well as B2B Marketing where she led the marketing team Google Retail Sales team, a business unit with $1B in annual revenue. Emma founded and built Blinkbuggy, a mobile app startup, where she successfully raised $1M dollars from investors to fund the development of the company and oversaw all key aspects of the company’s operations. Her work with Blinkbuggy has been written about in many business and tech publications including Forbes and TechCrunch. From there, Emma was recruited to a high growth ad tech company in NYC, a leader in the header bidding space, where she ran a team of 30+ people in support of sales growth. Most recently, Emma joined Waze to lead the global business marketing team where she is responsible for product marketing, measurement & insights and ads marketing globally.


Wed Oct 30 - 9:45am - 10:15am

Marketing in The Last Mile of The Customer Journey

Marketers invest tremendous resources into filling the top of the funnel, but conversion happens at the very end — and for many brands that's the last mile offline. Learn how to capture that intent in the final mile (online and off) to increase your customer conversion.

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