Carly Hallman

Sr Director of Marketing, TMX Finance Family of Companies


Carly lives to push the limits! A digital native, Carly started her career in the agency world with interactive advertising and media technology, jumping into accounts such as Verizon and Coca-Cola, and implementing sponsorships integrations with Warner Brothers, ABC, and The CW. Her pilgrimage to the brand side of the tracks was complimented by a background in visual communications and marketing psychology — it wasn’t long before she realized it was a perfect fit. From employee brand conception to direct-to-customer rebrands, Carly has spearheaded the digital transformation of numerous organizations, leading to a nationally-ranked university’s all-time first-year applicant high and TMX’s consistent year-over-year positive results, in both growth and profitability. Carly’s goal is to creatively leverage technology and data-driven narratives to highlight a vital “human” aspect that is rarely seen in financial services. Her debatably endearing balance of curiosity, determination, and stellar puns — a trifecta only rivaled by her drive for innovation and her tendency to geek out over anything remotely cool — has culminated to her evolution of expertise in customer experience, omnichannel journeys, and marketing technology solutions. Carly’s most treasured successes are those which require unparalleled collaboration, innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and a splash of moxie.


Wed Oct 30 - 9:45am - 10:15am

Optimizing Digital Solutions to Connect with and Service Retail Banking Customers

Today’s leading financial institutions will share their most effective digital marketing strategies for connecting with and servicing customers. Learn how these innovative brands engage their communities, empower local financial professionals, and manage customer reviews.

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