Ben Hindman

Co-Founder, CEO, Splash


Ben Hindman is the co-founder and CEO of Splash, a platform that helps businesses unleash the power of in-person events by making it easy for teams across an organization to design on-brand, measurable, and compliant event marketing programs. He leads a team of game-changers and innovators on a mission to help market, measure, and scale event marketing programs that inspire face-to-face interactions. Ben, who is the former head of events at Thrillist, is passionate about connecting people and helping brands create meaningful event experiences.


Wed Oct 30 - 3:00pm - 3:30pm

Intent Marketing: Get Ahead of the Curve

Marketers have more access to information about their prospective customers than ever before. We've gone through different eras of our ability to segment — from demographic to psychographic to behavioral — and now we're in the most effective of all: intent marketing. Learn how to harness intent marketing to capture your most engaged and ready-to-purchase segment.

Astor Ballroom
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