Explorer Awards Submission

Will you or a representative from your company be attending ONWARD19?


Describe how you have used Yext to optimize discovery in search or third party experiences for your brand, locations, products, or professionals. [400 characters]

Describe how you use any or all Yext products to monitor, respond to, and engage with customers to improve their experience. [400 characters]

Describe how you have leveraged any combination of Yext products to achieve significant efficiencies in order to consolidate resources and save time. Please include work hours and/or budget saved by implementing Yext solutions. [400 characters]

What is one thing you would not have been able to accomplish without Yext? [400 characters]

How does your brand or business view the future of search? [200 characters]

What are you planning to keep your brand or business ahead of the curve? [200 characters]

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the judges? [200 characters]

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